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About Us


Meet the Owners

The Dreamers - Stephen Williams, Quchyal Williams and Ashley Anderson - are honored to welcome you through the threshold of your own becoming.

With great love, we are excited to provide our community with this dynamic science that  

offers a new approach to healing, to peace, to discovery, to joy, to the unknown!

Won't you come in?


Meet The Blu Team

Our dream team is here to facilitate your Blu Room experiences and other services at The Living Blu. They are ready to answer any and all questions you may have before or during your visit. 


Meet the Founders


All this wouldn’t be possible without inventor JZ Knight and co-founder and co-developer Dr. Matt. 


Judith Zebra “JZ” Knight is also a well known author and spiritual teacher of the modern age. It was JZ’s long-held dream to bring back a heavenly atmosphere she experiences when in another conscious realm. The Blu Room is that atmosphere.

Dr. Matthew W Martinez, DC (Dr. Matt) practices as a physician and chiropractor and is well versed in providing leading edge, modern medical technologies.  He is member/manager of Blu Room Enterprises, LLC. Dr Matt is known for his compassion, his intuitive ability to navigate complex health challenges, and his deep desire to explore the healing potential inherent in everyone.

"You can do anything, the key is Focus." ~Ramtha

Source: Photo pulled from JZ Kinghts Facebook page.