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The Official Blu Room

For more information on Blu Room Technology and to explore Blu Room’s around the world visit

The Official Blu Room Website :

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The Blu Gro System

To discover future of agriculture with this fully automated Gro House and the benefits of growing food with UVB light check out 

The Blu Grow System Website :


Seminar on Light Medicine

Co-developer of the Blu Room, see Dr. Matt's presentation on UVB light and Blu Gro System.


Light Medicine, Part 1


Seminar on Light Medicine

Supervising physician for the Mercy Blu Room program, watch Dr. Anna's presentation on DNA, peptides and the Blu Room.


Light Medicine, Part 2


Solution for Veterans with PTSD

Vietnam Vet Dale Vaughn talks about the positive changes in dealing with PTSD brought about by Blu Room Therapy.



King 5 - Blu Room Therapy


Blu Room Debut

News Channel 13 goes inside the Blu Room during its debut on the Las Vegas Strip and listens to first time user’s feedback.



KTNV 13 - Blu Room debuts on the Las Vegas Strip


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