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Photoluminescence Therapy (UV light therapy)

Results of research by two doctors Virgil Hancock and Emmet K. Knott published in the book Education of Cancer Healing in 1942 show the common experiences with photoluminescence therapy.

  • Inactivation of toxins

  • Destruction and inhibition of bacterial growth

  • Better blood and oxygen transport to the organs

  • Stimulation of cellular and humoral immunity

  • Vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels)

  • Activation of white blood cells

  • Reduced platelet aggregation (thrombosis protection)

  • Stimulation of fibrinolysis (breakdown of blood clots)

  • Reduced viscosity of blood

  • Stimulation of corticosteroid production. (Corticosteroids are steroid hormones synthesized from cholesterol in the adrenal cortex.)

  • Improved microcirculation

The two doctors treated 6,800 patients with UV Therapy. Not a single patient complained of side effects.

William Camball Douglass, MD, author of the book Into the Light - The Medicine of the Future Today travelled the world, marching to the coldest regions of Siberia, South Africa, The USA and Europe to garner the experience of doctors who had very good results with UV light even in the most difficult situations.

Somewhat frustrated, Douglass notes at the end of his book: "It is unimaginable that the best solution to stop world-wide 'killer diseases' is ignored, despised and discarded."


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