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The Importance of Deep Relaxation

In deep relaxation it is easy for us to maintain control over the thoughts that occupy our mind. We decide freely which thoughts we want to nourish and which one we want to dispense with. We begin by using the power of thoughts for a better life.

"Faster than every 1/40th of a second, the microtubules of neural cells fluctuate in and our geometric resonance, creating our physical space (body/mind) to align (harmonically) with non-local singularity - giving us a picture of the microtubule's geometry, our quantum consciousness" says research scientist Lindsay Briner.

How fast is 1/40th of a second? So fast that we can't process it. This means that our subconscious mind moves so fast to judge and understand our environment and make decisions in our body before our frontal lobe is aware of it.

40 times a second, it has an effect on our physiology.

If we are depressed, we don't like yourself, we don't like your job, we are negative, we are happy - our microtubules respond.

The Blu Room stops our programs, resets and allows a new single signal to act. Harmony!

The Blu Room also has an effect without our intervention, our thinking, our analyzing, our special effort and cooperation.

Dr. Martinez is convinced that "New and authentic ideas do not come through thinking, but through access into deep sources".

  • Deep relaxation

  • Faster healing processes

  • Relieving mental stress and anxiety

  • Improved health and quality of life

  • Significant increase in Vitamin D3 levels in blood serum

  • Deeper focus and concentration

  • Increased creativity and problem solving

  • Self-perception

  • Self-confidence, self-respect, self-love

Prof. Dr. Popp explains the phenomenon of the Blu Room in his own way: "We have to understand how something builds up in the interaction of matter and electromagnetic field that can be attributed the property of coherence. Coherence means that there is the ability to perform an interaction in which each part can communicate with each other."

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