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Vitamin D

In a way, Vitamin D is our bodies version of photosynthesis. When the skin is exposed to the UVB wavelength, the body produces its very own supply of Vitamin D, which is much more powerful and sustainable in comparison to taking a supplement.

UVB light is one of the wavelengths that comes from sunlight. Inside the Blu Room UVB is the specific band of light that is produced. Having optimal levels of Vitamin D is crucial for healing many systems in the body, from regulation of hormones to proper absorption of nutrients from our food. During the winter months in geographic locations where there is a lack of sun, many individuals express feeling "down". SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) is a real thing! This state is directly connected to having a deficiency in Vitamin D. If you or someone you know is feeling sad this winter, find your way to the nearest Blu Room!

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