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We Are Light Eaters

We Are Light Eaters

Excerpt from the Blu Room book: Experience the Future - Building Bridges with Light, Frequency and Sound by Irmgard Maria Gräf

“The human is not a meat eater or a vegetarian,” said physicist Fritz Albert Popp. “We are a light mammal. Incredible as some may think, there is light in our cells. It pulsates and acts in a way very much alive, as if it breathes like leaves waving in the wind.”

All animals and people feed directly or indirectly from plants. So, we indirectly eat sunlight. Light improves our quality of life. The Nobel laureates David Bohm and Albert Szent-Gyorgyi were convinced decades ago: “All energy that we ingest into our bodies comes from the sun, either directly or indirectly through food.”

When we eat, light energy passes through our organism. Light photons control all biochemical processes. The higher the light storage capability of the food, the higher the contribution to cellular wellbeing.

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