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What does the Blu Room do?

What happens in this composition of sacred geometry, mirror, light, sound and frequency, shielded from external influences?

The visitor lies in the heart of this room. After just a few minutes with UVB light, all 700 billion cells are flooded with photons. Microtubules, the light transport channels, ensure that the brain and body receive coherent light. An active vitamin D production begins.

The whole body breathes in this atmosphere of light. All body fluids are also subject to this dynamic energy and structure themselves. The blood vessels with their finest branches, the lymph, all intra- and extra-cellular tissues and all water molecules are affected.

In March 2018, researchers discovered a complicated fluid-filled channeling system in the deep connective tissue beneath the surface of the skin.

They also found these fascinating canal systems in the lungs, digestive tract, and urinary tract. Under UVB light, a vibrating and honeycomb-shaped intermediate medium or exclusion zone discovered by Pollack develops in all these body fluids.

As the structured liquid crystal zone increases, it expels troubling substances just as a growing glacier does with rocks.

Order is created. In this deep state of relaxation, the circulation of all liquid substances in the body improves. Slags and toxins are excreted and good nutrients for construction and repair are inserted. This dynamic is invigorating and regenerative, even unlimited.

If we scrutinize the bridge medium, we find that all individually shaped systems such as DNA, nervous, immune and metabolic systems will also change. Therefore, the order factor is in effect. Coherence is established.

Self-healing impulses trigger immediate change. New perspectives emerge, telomeres grow and stem cells flood into diseased systems. A state of stasis develops, comparable to a ‘reset’ on the computer. Tensions in the Yin Yang body collapse and we become one.

The entrance to deeper soul levels and extended states of consciousness open up.

Deep harmony characterizes these Blu Room moments. Neither past nor future- just NOW.


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