Enhancing Your Blu Room Experience

The Experience of the Blu Room is unique to each individual. And each session can be different from the one before. 

Being comfortable and relaxed is of utmost importance.

There are options for disrobing altogether, we have robes and a dressing hall if you prefer, if not it is recommended to loosen belts or restrictive clothing. 

There are pillows and blankets to be adjusted for your comfort. You can purchase your own eye mask or choose one that we provide.

No shoes or jewelry with the exception of wedding bands are advised.

The Ability to be relaxed and focused during your session in the Blu Room is paramount.

We offer a focus room to help you unwind from the outer world before your session or to utilize for further contemplation following your session. We provide blank cards and colored pencils. It has been shown that by simplifying your intention to a visual picture or word is beneficial but not the only way to achieve goals. 


Breathing techniques are useful to quickly bring you from the thinking and doing into a state of "being" that has been shown to promote healing and receptiveness. 

On its simplest level a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth is recommended. 

Once you are relaxed and now bathed in ultraviolet blue light, the intention and focus chosen is personal. Taking the ultraviolet into your body in your mind holds value. Some people simply focus on health, abundance, peace or resolving challenges.

It's up to you. 


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